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The Church Council of
First Baptist Church of Detroit

The congregation expresses its ministry and its mission as a church through its Church Council.  The Council represents the congregation, as its governing body, and bears responsibility for the administration of church policy including recommendations of necessary resolutions through the Moderator to the congregation.  The Council shall also be responsible for a timely prior review of the church budget, which shall be submitted to the congregation at a regular congregational meeting in November for approval. The Council shall be responsible for the overall business and legal affairs of the church.


The membership of the Church Council shall include the Pastor, each person elected at the Annual Meeting of the Church to positions as Officers of the Church as well as those elected as Chairperson of a Standing Committee.


At each Annual Meeting, upon the recommendation of the Church Council, the congregation shall determine the list of Standing Committees – and the duties attendant thereto – that will be in place for the following year.  The congregation upon nomination from the Nominating Committee, as well as from open nominations from the floor of the Annual Meeting, shall elect a Chairperson for each Standing Committee which is either new or which otherwise has a vacant Chairperson position.  The Chair of each Standing Committee must hold full          membership in the church.


              Worship & Fine Arts Committee                Finance & Stewardship Trustee Committee

              Connections Committee                             Discipleship Team


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